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Moon Space Station Survival 3D Full

4.8 ( 5728 ratings )
Ігри Пригоди Імітація
Розробник: Tayga Games OOO
3.99 USD

Have your ever dreamed to become a real astronaut? Explore distant planets, for in open space, visit space stations, meet UFO or aliens, carry out experiments… Well, try our Moon Space Station Survival game in 3D! Survive the shuttle crash and find yourself lost at the unknown planet! Discover lost underground space station and make this planet your home! Feel yourself as a real NASA astronaut lost and forgotten somewhere in infinity space!

This unknown planet is a very harsh place – no plants, familiar animals or fish to provide yourself with food. Just a desert full of dangers around… It’s time to test your battling and survival skills trying to stay alive with Moon Space Station Survival in 3D! Have your ever dream to work at the ISS or NASA? Explore this strange desert pixel planet, fight against aliens and local animals and quarry resources to fix broken modules of underground station!

Be ready for unusual survival experience that you can never face playing usual survival simulator! Keep your weapons alert, ‘cause there are many dangerous creatures outside! Craft new weapons and useful tools to improve your chances to survive! Unlock new modules for your space station and turn it into modern one! Use real NASA technologies to make your life happy even on lost unknown planet!

Use all your exploration, battling and survival skills to stay alive at this harsh place! Don’t forget to mind character’s indicators – oxygen, food, water and other. Prove yourself as a highly qualified astronaut playing Moon Space Station Survival 3D!

Moon Space Station Survival 3D features:

- Unusual cubical environment – it’s all made of pixels and blocks here, weapons, space station and ever YOU!
- Large underground station to improve and render habitat
- Aliens and wild cosmic animals as your enemies – fight for your life to survive in such a harsh environments
- Quarry resources to build new station modules or fix broken ones, craft survival tools and weapons, build shelters and even make furniture – it’s like a real life!

Tired of island survival adventures? Try Moon Space Station Survival 3D and live the life of the astronaut surviving after a space crash! Discover secret places on your station and search for treasures of ancient civilizations! Stay alive at all costs with ultimate survival simulator in 3D! Test your hunting, battling skills and exploration being an astronaut exploring unknown planet! Quarry resources, craft weapons and tools and try to make this place your home with this space survival simulator!